Colbert Busch accuses Sanford of failing to support Import-Export Bank

gsmith@islandpacket.comApril 23, 2013 

Elzabeth Colbert Busch's campaign is calling out Mark Sanford for failing to support the nation's Export-Import Bank, which has helped other countries buy Boeing airplanes made in the 1st Congressional District.

Eight out of 10 planes manufactured in South Carolina rely on the Export-Import to be sold in overseas markets, according to the Colbert Busch campaign.

"Mark Sanford continues to try and deceive voters about Elizabeth Colbert Busch, but the fact is that he tried to undermine Boeing and cost South Carolinians jobs," said James Smith, Colbert Busch's spokesman. "Boeing said it needed this Export-Import Bank in order to create South Carolina jobs, but Mark Sanford voted against it -- dramatically scaling back production and eliminating manufacturing jobs in South Carolina."

Sanford said he supports the bank but voted against its funding while he was in Congress because it took money from Social Security.

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