Hipsters are dumb; Lauryn Hill owes Uncle Sam some money; and awesome lunch bag art

Posted by PATRICK DONOHUE on April 23, 2013 

Regal and AMC have halted advance ticket sales of "Iron Man 3" as the theater chain continues to quarrel with Disney over ticket revenues.

Lauryn Hill owes the government a lot of money and has two weeks to pay up.

Folk icon Richie Havens died yesterday of a sudden heart attack at age 72.

Disgraced New York politician Anthony Weiner is back on Twitter.

Being a newspaper reporter is officially the worst job in America, according to Forbes. 

Awesome lunch bag art.

Bryan Cranston will play LBJ in an upcoming play by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan.

The Bismarck, N.D. TV reporter who began his career by cursing on the air has been fired. I'm less offended by what he said than whatever gibberish followed his infamous expletives. You can find the video.

The FCC sets an interesting precedent when its chairman, Julius Genachowski, tweeted that he had no problem with Red Sox player David Ortiz dropping an F-bomb on live television last weekend. 

Netflix has more subscribers than HBO.

Thinking about trying the cinnamon challenge? Don't do it. Doctors warn it could cause choking, throat irritation and even collapsed lungs.

This is why we're fat: New app allows XBox users to order Pizza Hut pizza right from their consoles.

NPR documents the journey of gourmet coffee from cherry to cup.

Filmmaker tries to raise money through Kickstarter about a dying 300-year-old Japanese knife-making business

Watch dumb hipsters enthuse about totally made-up bands at Coachella.

This news reporter is not interesting in being kissed by two girls at once. Like not at all.


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