Gun control shouldn't be made into party warfare

info@islandpacket.comApril 22, 2013 

I write this to Sen. Lindsey Graham as a disappointed citizen of the United States. I am one of the 91 percent of Americans he did not listen to when voting against the universal background checks. I am a registered voter in the state of South Carolina that he let down. I am one of the people he was elected to represent. He has turned an issue that should not have been about Democrats or Republican into party warfare.

I write to ask when he will start serving the American people and not the corporations that pay him? How can he look into the faces of innocent gun victims and tell them that he deliberately did nothing to prevent crimes like these from occurring? At what point does this become an issue he cares about?

How can Graham say, "My basic premise is one bullet in the hand of a mentally unstable person or a convicted felon is one too many," yet vote against the very bill that would help prevent this exact situation from occurring?

I am asking him to be a human being for once and not a politician. To show compassion, instead of spite. To serve the people, not the corporations. And finally, I ask him to look at the issues and not the party of the person promoting the issue.

Nick Tennant


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