Too many in Congress put own interests first

info@islandpacket.comApril 21, 2013 

My closest friends are conservative Republicans. Although we differ in philosophy, we agree on friendship. My friends are intelligent, knowledgeable, patriotic and want what's best for this country. Unfortunately, Congress does not.

There are those whose only mission is to get rid of President Barack Obama. They hate and denigrate Obama's lineage, his citizenship, his past religious affiliations, his supposed agenda to convert this country to Islam, his birth certificate, his socialist leanings, his family vacations and his integrity.

Typical sources of outrage are such men as Rush Limbaugh, the multi-billionaire Koch brothers who pledged $100 million to defeat Obama and cut social programs, Sen. Mitch McConnell with his personal vendetta backed by coal and tobacco interests, and the House speaker who blocks every program the administration offers, regardless of necessity. Rep. Paul Ryan wants to gut Medicare, putting the responsibility on the backs of the middle class.

Then there is Wayne LaPierre, the mindless executive vice president of the National Rifle Association. With 84 percent of Americans in favor of gun control, he endorses ownership of machine guns.

The job of Congress is not to oppose needed changes but to pass legislation that will promote this country's economy, health, create jobs, improve education, protect our citizens, allow freedom of choice and provide for those who cannot fend for themselves.

Unfortunately, it seems that today the focus is on uncompromising self-serving party loyalty and protecting special interests while ignoring the needs of the nation.

Bob Faust

Hilton Head Island

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