Some favorite reasons for blocking left lane

info@islandpacket.comApril 19, 2013 

With all of the well-deserved attention that "cloggers" (those annoyingly slow drivers who clog the left lane) have been receiving, I would like to offer the following top 10 reasons for this phenomenon: 10. McDonald's is coming up on the left -- in about 20 miles. 9. Easier for spouse to wave at other cars when they pass on the right-hand side. 8. Friends have convinced them that the pavement is smoother over there. 7. The sight of 50 sets of high-beam headlights in the rearview mirror reminds them of the holiday season. 6. Convenience. When that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity arises and they actually pass a slower vehicle, they won't have to signal. 5. Mechanical issue: Faulty alignment? Nope. Left front tire low on air? Nope. Loose nut behind the wheel? Yep. 4. They believe the safe driving information found in every state driver's manual reminding slower drivers to keep to the right is government propaganda. 3. Masochists. They love being yelled and waved at by passers by who don't use all of their fingers. 2. They don't want to miss all the cool stuff happening in the median. 1. Sorry, they're just plain clueless. Dave Hales Hilton Head Island

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