Krugman has credentials to back up his points

info@islandpacket.comApril 19, 2013 

I have searched in vain on the Internet to find the academic qualifications and expertise of a recent letter writer.

He takes poison pen in hand to mock and disparage the comments of the Nobel Prize-winning economist and Princeton professor, Paul Krugman. Krugman is known in academia for his work on international economics (including trade theory, economic geography and international finance), liquidity traps and currency crises. He is the 20th most widely cited economist in the world today and is ranked among the most influential academic thinkers in the U.S.

As of 2008, Krugman has written 20 books and published more than 200 scholarly articles in professional journals and edited numerous volumes pertaining to finance and economics. He has also written more than 750 columns for the New York Times, some published in our own Island Packet.

The letter writer has the audacity to criticize this man of letters, yet offers no alternative to Krugman's reasoned and thoughtful column. Waving the Greek "red herring" is sheer nonsense as the market continues to climb, the currency remains stable, interest rates are at all time lows and the country slowly transitions to a smokeless manufacturing nation. Given our situation in the world economy, it is no wonder that our standing remains the highest and most admirable.

Most admirable that is except for naysayers and nitpickers whose academic output is limited to ill-informed letters in the newspaper.

Mike Ivers


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