Mark Sanford emerges after trespassing charge


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Former governor Mark Sanford talks with Danny Sutcliffe, owner of Yamaha of Beaufort, in this file photo.

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First Congressional candidate Mark Sanford re-launched his campaign Thursday, sending out a release that blasted national Democrats for aiding his rival, Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

"Nancy Pelosi and the beltway Democrats are trying to buy the First Congressional District for nearly $1 million," the release read. "Today it is being reported that the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) is spending almost $200,000 on a new negative ad, in addition to the already reported placement figures from the House Majority PAC, whose goal is to help win back the House Majority for Democrats and provide President Obama with a one party government."

The release marks the first communication from Sanford's camp since acknowledging a trespassing charge Tuesday that was filed by Sanford's ex-wife, Jenny Sanford.

The DCCC, the campaign arm of U.S. House Democrats in the House, confirmed the ad buy Thursday. The House Majority PAC, a group trying to win the U.S. House back for Democrats, confirmed a six-figure media campaign that will include ads Wednesday. They did not say the exact amount they will spend.

They're not the only one running negative ads.

Sanford is expected to roll out his own ad this week, attacking Colbert Busch for her affiliations with labor unions.

To see the ad, click here.

Sanford was abandoned by one group of national Republicans. Wednesday, the Republican National Committee announced it was pulling all help it had been providing Sanford.

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