Dry pork and seaweed donuts; a rendition of the National Anthem you won't forget; and Twitter's new #Music app

Posted by PATRICK DONOHUE on April 18, 2013 

"Breaking Bad" will return in August with an annoying "Talking Dead"-style chat show to follow.

Disney and AMC Theaters are feuding over ticket revenue.

If you haven't read author Dennis Lehane's piece in the New York Times about the Boston Marathon, please do so. It's really good. As is Thomas Friedman's.

Twitter has launched its much-hyped #Music app. Anyone played with it yet? Thoughts? 

The worst Radiohead tattoo you'll ever see.

The Boston Massacre bombing has brought amateur sleuths out of the woodwork, scanning news footage and social media for clues to help police, FBI crack the case. 

Some good news about South Carolina (finally). The state is the only one that, since 2007, hasn't had a weather-related event severe enough to warrant a FEMA disaster declaration. WIN! 

I interviewed controversial comic Carlos Mencia for today's paper.

Our Lowcountry Current section also featured stories on soul singer Charles Bradley and instrumental rockers STS9.

"Iron Man 3" will have some smell-enhanced screenings in Japan.

USAToday has a list of 10 cool-sounding fast food items you can't get in the U.S., like Dunkin Donuts' Dry Pork and Seawood Donut the chain serves in China. 

Blur bassist Alex has become a pretty successful cheesemonger since leaving the band, writes Food & Wine Magazine. 

The New York Post blows it again.

Lifehacker praises Yahoo's new Weather app for iOS.

Beer pong is disgusting, according to a new study from Clemson University.

An awesome new ESPN commercial with C.C. Sabathia and Scott Van Pelt. Very funny. 

Why you shouldn't be taking your iPad to baseball games or take pictures with it.

I'm sure you've seen it by now but if you haven't, the singing of the National Anthem last night before the Bruins/Sabres game in Boston is something to behold.

Fall Out Boy pays tribute to Spinal Tap on Conan. It's really awesome

I loved director Nicolas Winding Refn's "Drive" so it stands to reason that I will find his upcoming film, which also stars Ryan Gosling, "Only God Forgives" equally awesome.


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