Behavior of Sanford, Clinton very different

info@islandpacket.comApril 16, 2013 

To the letter writer who called those of us who voted for President Bill Clinton socialists and hypocrites, I would suggest that he look up the meaning of the word dalliance.

Clinton engaged in dalliances, which were immoral and stupid. But his wife forgave him, they are still together, and they obviously care about each other. Mark Sanford, on the other hand, declared to the world that he was "in love" with his Argentine mistress and had found his "soul mate." His affair ended his marriage and his mistress is now his fiancèe.

Affairs are really personal matters between the parties involved. Clinton, despite his personal shortcomings, always carried out his presidential duties. In fact, the country did quite well during his terms in office. Sanford betrayed the trust of the voters because he disappeared for nearly a week while governor so that he could be with his girlfriend in Argentina. Sanford's dereliction of duty in order to engage in his affair is not the definition of a dalliance.

Beverly Leick

Hilton Head Island

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