America is selling soul to highest bidder

info@islandpacket.comApril 15, 2013 

I hear my friends complaining that Congress and executive branch don't seem to be listening to what we are telling them. This has become particularly noticeable during the past four months of foot-dragging non-action over access to guns in this country.

I read that a majority of Americans want federal action on limiting access to weapons of individual destruction. We do not want it to be as easy to obtain a gun as ordering a burger and fries. We do not want the mentally ill to be buying Glocks, Sig Sauers, bazookas, whatever.

I know that there are those on both fringes of the thinking here -- the paranoid anarchists who want to own, display and use their arsenals on the "guvment that's coming for 'em" and the "no guns for anyone" fanatics. But that still leaves most of us saying we want gun policy change in our country.

I hear the questions: "Why aren't our politicians listening?" "Who gave the National Rifle Association the authority to set gun ownership policy for the nation?"

The answer shows why this country is in bigger trouble than most anyone thinks. The answer is that our politicians have sold policy-making rights to the highest bidder. The NRA in the case of guns; the Wall Street maggots in the case of economic policy. It is not "we the people," but "they with the most" who are taking us where they want us to go.

Bernie Ragsdale

Lady's Island

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