Where is moral culture country needs to survive?

info@islandpacket.comApril 15, 2013 

Somehow, I have become a fan of Peggy Noonan's weekly column in the Wall Street Journal.

A recent offering consists of excerpts from an interview with Lee Kwan Yew, the "founder and inventor of modern Singapore." Apparently Yew understood that for the smallest nation in Southeast Asia, with limited natural resources, it would be necessary to put in place a system of economic incentives that would push beyond ethnic divisions to create a strong nation. His approach has been remarkably successful.

He was asked what threatens America? His answer was insightful: "A political culture stuck in the shallows and a mass-entertainment edifice that is destabilizing, destructive and injurious to the national character."

I was struck by the breadth, yet simplicity, of his answer to a question that would have taken me pages of writing. I've never understood why so many women seem to accept demeaning music and videos, just to mention one example, and the authors of such "entertainment"are idolized and recognized, even by our president?

How sick is our culture when someone, whose opinion cannot be discounted by labeling it as "right-wing Christian conservative," can see the destroying decadence idolized by so many in our country. Why do so many think that a moral culture doesn't matter? It makes you wonder whether our behavior as individuals and collectively as a society will result in anything better than Third World grovelers!

Tom Gerber


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