Congress should do what's right for all of us

info@islandpacket.comApril 15, 2013 

I find myself in agreement with a Vice President Joe Biden comment. He is urging Congress to work up the courage to pass gun control changes that ban the sale of true assault weapons to ordinary citizens.

So here is a pop quiz for all of you brainiacs in Washington.

Whom do you work for? The president? Lobbyists and special interest groups? Journalists? Yourselves? The American people?

I know for some of you that this is a difficult question, but if you picked any answer other than the American people, you need to turn in your golden goose pass and get a real job. My assumption is that rather than voting your conscience on major issues, you waffle to preserve your job.

If all of you stuck together and voted with your conscience and brain instead of based on greed and job security, the National Rifle Association couldn't leverage any of you, and their four million member votes would be insignificant in the overall scheme of things.

It's hard to believe but you could do the right thing and still keep your grand positions.

By the way, this applies to any special interest groups you report to. Do what's right for your country.

Bill Kuttruff

Hilton Head Island

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