What's her secret?: Sometimes you just have to stop and jump in the puddles

abredeson@islandpacket.comApril 15, 2013 

Nicole Kimble of Hilton Head Island sits on the front steps of her home with her husband Shawn and her two children Courtney, 6, left, and Cameron, 7, right, on Monday afternoon.

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Name: Nicole Kimble

Husband: Shawn

Town: Hilton Head Island

Children: Cameron, 7; Courtney, 6

Occupation: Works part time for Internet marketing firm Performance Development Corporation

Go-to dinner: Broiled fish and vegetables

Biggest pet peeve: People who complain about things and don't do anything to fix their situation

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, traveling and spending time with friends

Volunteer work: Kimble is president of the Teacher Parent Advisory Council at Hilton Head Island Early Childhood Center. And for the past 12 years she has donated her time as the food and beverage volunteer coordinator for the Hilton Head Island Celebrity Golf Tournament.

Favorite mommy moment: "Anytime that I get to say 'yes' to my kids because I feel like moms are always saying 'no,'" Kimble said. "You know, 'You can't have candy. You can't have this. You can't go there.' So anytime I get to say 'yes,' it makes me feel good. I find that I end up participating in what they're doing when I say 'yes.' We went t grocery store awhile ago, and they were jumping in the puddles. I wanted to say 'no' ... but I was like, 'Why? It's just water.' So I was like, 'All right, you can jump in the puddles.' And then I jumped in the puddles. And then I kind of felt like a kid. You know, anytime I get to be a kid with my kids, I feel like a good mom. ... You have to stop and jump in the puddles."

Most challenging moment: "It's challenging to decide how much information to give my kids about reality," she said. "When the Newtown, Conn., shooting occurred, I really struggled with, 'How much information do I give them?' because they were going to hear about it and see it on TV and in the newspaper and potentially in school. I always struggle with how much information do you give your kids so they understand the real world without becoming jaded. I want them to be street smart. I want them to know the world is a good place but there are bad people."

Stress reliever: Exercise

Advice for other moms: "Be yourself with your kids," Kimble said. "I feel like you have to show kids today that you yourself can be happy or sad or mad. I think you're preparing them to deal with other personalities later on in life. And I think you're also encouraging your kids to let them be themselves and not be afraid to express their feelings. ... We're not perfect, and we shouldn't try to be."

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