It's past time to ban leaf, debris burning

info@islandpacket.comApril 15, 2013 

Well, it seems that spring is here in Beaufort County. The grass is greening, the azaleas are in bloom and we can now enjoy the sweet smell of ... . No, correct that to the stink of burning leaves.

Every year at this time, I wonder why the idiotic idea of leaf and lawn debris burning is not banished countywide by Beaufort County Council.

It is a rude gesture by some narcissistic individuals, stinks up neighborhoods, is detrimental to people with breathing problems, is not ecologically sound, can be dangerous and is an annual blight allowed for no valid reason.

And it isn't necessary. I have a good- sized lot with plenty of oak trees that drop literally millions of leaves. I also have several natural mulching fields on our property, which I add to annually.

I feel strongly that it's well past the time for Beaufort County Council to permanently ban leaf and lawn debris burning, incidental of the libertarian outcry that some leaf burners will make. Government should work for the common good, and this would be an excellent demonstration of that.

Ron Kay


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