Sanford: Colbert Busch 'debate-dodging'

info@islandpacket.comApril 12, 2013 

Democratic congressional candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch has backed out of an April 17 debate against Republican Mark Sanford in Charleston.

It was the only debate to be on TV, sponsored by WCBC and AARP. Another non-televised debate is scheduled for April 29.

Colbert Busch cited a scheduling conflict. Sanford is calling it a case of "debating dodging."

Sanford said: "My opponent won't debate, won't appear publicly, hides behind negative ads and won't address her ties to this union that has been completely antithetical to job growth in South Carolina. My question is simply this: Will she give voters a chance to ask some of these incredibly important questions prior to Election Day?"

Colbert Busch's communications director responded: "Elizabeth looks forward to debating on April 29, and it's unfortunate that the additional debates didn't work in her tight schedule, as we told organizers. Fortunately for voters, Mark Sanford's record is crystal clear on AARP's issues, and he's on the wrong side of seniors, with his agenda of privatizing Social Security."

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