Recreation Results and Standings, April 10

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Bear Creek

Results of Men's day held April 3; 1. Tom Nordstrom, J.C. Fisher, Richard DeKany, Sheldon Soss; 2. Dave McCandless, Jeff McCandless, Dale Peters, Rick Blum.

Fripp Island

Results of the Women's Golf Association event held April 2; Format: Match Play/2 Person Team; 1. Carol Middleton and Sara Dashiell; 2. Becca McCoy and Kathryn Woolley; 3. Annelisa Bindra and Jan Pringle; 4. Nancy Connell and Patti Mathews.

Moss Creek

Results of Sadie Hawkins tournament held April 6; Format: Front 9/Better Ball and Back 9/Chapman; Overall Gross Champions -- Susan Carlson and Bob Lampe; Overall Net Champions -- Cheryl Smith and Jim McCarron; Overall Gross Runner-Ups -- Linda Mikkelson and Charlie Boles; Overall Net Runner-Ups -- Kathy Klingaman and Jerry McGuinn; Flight 1 -- 1st gross: Debbie Risk, Rick Bates; 1st net: Donna Cawthon, Jake Jacobson; 2nd net: Randi Jones, Tom Barrecca; Flight 2 -- 1st gross: Dori Barnes, Peter Halsey, 1st net: Karen Wirtzberger, Cal Beltman; 2nd Net: Elizabeth Jacobson, Bill Cawthon; Flight 3 -- 1st gross: Deon Nontelle, Larry Block; 1st net: Margo McGuinn, Dick KKlingaman; 2nd net (tie) Ann Harris, John Quirk, Judy Sawyer, Art Dunlap; Flight 4 -- 1st gross: Nancy Everett, Dick Eyet, 1st net: Joy Gibbons, Jim Reeves; 2nd net: Janet Lombardi, Gene Mcgurl; Flight 5 -- 1st gross: Sandra O'Connell, Sean Doran, 1st net: Mary Jane Reeves, Tom Elsasser; 2nd net: Sally Kaminski, Barry Burgoyne; Closest to the Pin -- Cal Beltman, Randi Jones, Lee Richardson, Judy Sawyer

Results of Men's White tees tournament held April 8; Format: Blind Five; 1. M. Goodall, 2. D. Kouns, 3. (tie) L. Corson, B. Lorriman, A. Varian.

Results of Men's day tournament held April 2; Format: 2 of 4 Stroke; 1. D. Dahl, F. Lombardi, J. Mazareas, G. Kaiser; 2. (tie) R. Reynolds, P. Resetar, A. Dunlap, D. Phillips, P. Schulz, J. Beck, J. Harris, J. Stewart.

Results of Ladies day tournament held April 3; Format: 1-2-3; 1. J. Alpert, C. Beck, E. Roberts; 2. D. Hengemuhle, K. Wirtzberger, Joy Gibbons.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held March 26; Low Gross -- Sandra Bowden; Chip Ins -- Sandra Bowden, Lynn Miller; Closest To the Pin -- Kathy LaBonte.

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held April 2; Format: Individual Low Net Tournament; 1. Laura Hrubi, 2. Reenee Nardi, 3. Kathy LaBonte and Mary Jo Bird; Low Gross -- Kathy LaBonte; Chip-ins -- Joyce West; Closest to the Pin -- Laura Hrubi, Penny Wallhaus, Reenee Nardi.

Results of Men's group tournament held April 3; Format: Best 1/2/3 (By 6s) Net; 1. Bill Thomas, Brad Tufts, Richard Miller, Darryl Day; 2. Steve Fobes, George Haupstein, Bob Richardson; 3. Frank Sutera, Gus Christ, Fred McNamee; 4. Steve Laxdal, Bobby Allen, Jim Webb, Hans Moser; 5. Art Loeben, Joe Wieczorek, Ira Sedransk, Don Tuckey; 6. Tom Raddin, Patt Taylor, Roy Haynes, Bill West; 7. Ron Tindall, Tom Morgan, George Salemi, Randall Sigmund; 8. David Henson, Tim Scanlin, Ray McElhaney, Jim Williams; Closest to the Pin -- Darryl Day, Joe Wieczorek, Richard Miller, Tom Raddin, Mr. Noone, Joe Wieczorek.

Port Royal

Results of Men's day tournament held April 3; Format: 2 Best Balls of 4; 1. Joe Patrick, Tom Street, John Gibbs, Bob Moore (Blind Draw).

Rose Hill

Results of Men's day tournament held April 6; Format: 1-2-3; 1. Jerry Wells, Wally Maxwell, John Klinger, George Edell; 2. Mike Danyi, Jack Diver, Michael Burnce, Geoff Hearn; Low Net -- Michael Burnce; Closest to the Pin -- Ed Varcho.

Results of Men's day held April 2; Format: Whack & Hack; 1. Bill Shipe, Dick Timcoe, Bob Wright, Laine Santa Maria; Low Net -- Dave Bullett; Closest to the Pin -- Bill Shipe.

Results of Ladies day tournametn held April 3; Format: Bridge Lady; 1. Janet Wright, Jane Phipps, Anne Quigley; Closest to the Pin -- Anne Quigley.

Spanish Wells

Results of tournament held April 5; Format: Low Ne; 1. Jim Benford; Skins -- Jim Benford, Che Rozof.


Tennis Association of Hilton Head Island standings

Adult 18s Leaders

2.5W -- Wexford Hot Shots 6-2

3.0M -- Chaplin only team

3.0W -- Spanish Wells 5-1

3.5M -- Beaufort First Strike 5-0

3.5W -- Spring Lake String Courtets 6-1

4.0M -- Wexford Warriors 8-2

4.0W -- PDTC We'll Have Another 6-2

4.5M -- PRRC BT Express 5-0

4.5W -- Sea Pines CC only team

Adult 40s Leaders

3.0M -- Palmetto Bluff Serve Aces 6-1

3.0W -- Spanish Wells Volleymakers 6-1

3.5M -- PD Zugwrach 7-0

3.5W -- Moss Creek Whatever It Takes 7-1

4.0M -- Indigo Run Rum Runners 6-3

4.0W -- Long Cove Kick Aces 9-0

4.5W -- South Beach Aces 5-1

Adult 55s Leaders

3.0M -- CCHH Take Two 7-0

3.0W -- SCYC Double Trouble 7-1

3.5M -- Flight 1 - SL Remnant 6-1

3.5M -- Flight 2 - SL Mishits 8-0

3.5W -- Flight 1 - SPCC Racquets & CCHH Volley Vous 7-1

3.5W -- Flight 2 - PDTC Belles of the Ball 8-0

4.0M -- PD No Names 8-1

4.0W -- SYRC Har-Tru Believer's 7-0

Coastal Carolina Tennis Association standings

Adult 18s Leaders

2.5W -- Rose Hill 2.5 3-1

3.0W -- Rose Hill 3.0 2-1

3.5M -- Beaufort Bangers only team

3.5W -- Hampton Hall Happy Hour 5-1

Adult 40s Leaders

3.0M -- TLC only team

3.5M -- TLC Bobcats 4-1

3.5W -- TLC Lionesses 6-1

4.0W -- TLC Racquet Heads 4-0

4.5M -- TLC 40s 6-0

4.5W -- 4.5 Webb/Harvey 1-0

Adult 55s Leaders

3.0M -- Dataw Delinquents 7-2

3.0W -- Sun City SunUps 7-0

3.5M -- Sun City Second Serves 7-0

3.5W -- Hampton Hallstars 10-0

4.0M -- Hampton Lakers 11-1

4.0W -- Palmetto Bluff 55ers 6-1

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