Lowcountry bridge results from April 8

features@islandpacket.comApril 7, 2013 


Winners for April 2 were: 10 1/2 tables: N/S, first, Dinksie Dobbratz and Rosalind Cochran; second, Judy Bergin and Mary Lou Dalziel; tie for third, Cliff Rhein and Gene Ogden with Ann and Henry Cook; first in C section, Paul Lorris and Luanne Elliot; second in C section, Beverly Spahr and Jane Pruett; E/W, first, Bill and Nancy Ball; second, Charles Davis and Page Miller; third, Dick Briggs and Dick Collins; fourth, Lorraine Holub and Paul Cuffe; second in C section, Jane Friend and Larry Kay. Details: 843-379-9857, 843-838-9780


Winners on March 25 were: Wade Roemke and Joe Tatarski. Winners on March 26 were: 9 tables, N/S, Candace Bundy and Mariellen Schwentker; E/W, Peggi Ambler and Bev Connell. Winners on March 29 were: 9 1/2 tables, N/S, Melinda Latendresse and Marie Williams; E/W, Candace Bundy and Lesley Fells. Congratulations to Candace Bundy who made Life Master. Details: 843-987-3333


Winners on April 3 were: N/S, first, Cliff Rhein and Gene Ogden; second, Lee Greene and Lynne VanEtten; and third, Nancy Myers and Sue Asselin. E/W first, Paul Cuffe and Joan Simon; second, Ellen Like and Nancy Meredith; and third, Mary and Bob Walmsley. Details: 843-838-4138, bridgeclub@centurylink.net


Winners on April 4 were: Gene Ogden and Doreen Mendenhall; Marcia Meyer and Dick Briggs; Barbara and Bill Robinson; Susan Briggs and Norman Kinghorn. Details: 843-838-7755, 843-838-0125


Winners on March 26 were: Thea Heimlich and Sandra Rosenberg; Lenore Dimon and Judy Huntington; William and Janet McLaughlin; Bill Dalton and Mary Ann Schrader; Steve Berzak and Conrad Miller Jr.; Art Ward and William Clark; Mary and Al Nathewitch; Keith Sale and John Conley. Winners on March 27 were: Dave Dickson and Dee Johnson; David Smith and Lynn Irvine; Pat Vanlaar and Geoffrey Toonder; Stu Brown and Robert Lane. Winners on March 28 were: Roger Bain and Marcia Cornell; Diane Flynn and Martha Converse; Max Hamlyn and John Stern; Jackie Christiansen and Phyliss Duffie; Dianne Nugent and Arlene Hannegan; Charles Miner and Rillann Van Epps; Richard Distlerath and Tom Harries; Jim Reynolds and Carol Lang. Winners on March 30 were: Barbara Johnson and Joyce Lee; Mary and Ron Smetek; Carol Tate and Karen K. Smith; Ann Runnette and Nancy Miller.

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