Democrat, Colbert Busch rival endorses Sanford

info@islandpacket.comApril 5, 2013 

Democrat Ben Frasier, an unsuccessful rival of Elizabeth Colbert Busch, endorsed Republican nominee Mark Sanford for Congress Thursday.

"I am a Democrat, but a conservative one, and I am supporting Mark because I don't think Elizabeth represents the conservative values of this district," Frasier said. "I know Mark to be a man of integrity who will represent the district well. I am crossing party lines to make this endorsement because with all due respect to Elizabeth she is just too beholden to the political left to represent the Lowcountry effectively."

Frasier, a perennial candidate, was dismissed by Democratic leaders leading up to the congressional primary last month.

Sanford thanked Frasier for his support.

"During my time in life, I've always been willing to sit down and talk to people who may have had a different view than mine as a conservative. As a consequence, I've been fortunate enough to receive an unusual amount of support from the environmental and conservation communities, as well as conservative Democrats," Sanford said. "To that end, I'm pleased to receive Ben's support, and think it will prove to be indicative of the support we'll be getting from a wide range of people across the district who are concerned with wallet and pocketbook issues, and a whole host of issues talked about around the dinner table by Lowcountry families."

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