Former airline pilot finds inspiration in the water he used to fly over

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    Mac Rogers will be the Beaufort Art Association Gallery's featured artist through May 11. A reception will be held 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. April 5 in the gallery, 913 Bay St. Savannah harpist Leslie Adair will perform. Details:

When Mac Rogers retired as a pilot he couldn't wait to revisit some of his favorite places around the world via painting.

The Delta pilot painted in his spare time during his career, but decided to focus more on his art after retiring in 2004.

Rogers' "Water, Water ... Everywhere" runs through May 11 at the Beaufort Art Association gallery.

The Beaufort resident explains why water connects his work

Question. What is the subject of the exhibit?

Answer. It's a variety of different locations all linked by the presence of water. That could be a rain shower in the North Carolina mountains or a gondola ride in Venice. ... Water is calming. It's soothing. It's inspiring.

Q. Have you been to many of the places you've painted?

A. I try to make it a point to paint only things I have seen or experienced. I tend to come up with a concept and then use photos for details.

Q. Did you discover most of these places in your time as a pilot?

A. Yes, it was an opportunity to see a lot of different places. It gave me some ideas about what to do later. A lot of places I flew to or flew over I went back and visited after I retired. Sedona, Ariz., and Yosemite, for example. There are a couple from England.

Q. Do you really get that much time to sightsee when you're working as a pilot?

A. It kind of varied. We'd typically leave very early in the morning -- 5:30 or 6. We'd get to our destination in the early afternoon. So I'd get some time then. What comes to mind is Portland, Maine. We'd get there at 11 at night and that give me the opportunity the next morning to catch the ferries out to the islands in Casco Bay. That was very enjoyable, very inspiring.


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