A hovercraft golf cart; An insensitive sign; and Ryan Lochte is really dumb

Posted by Patrick Donohue -- pdonohue@islandpacket.com on April 4, 2013 

In today's Lowcountry Current, we had interviews with HBO talk show host and comedian Bill Maher and jam band Umphrey's McGee.

More research has emerged suggesting the stretches we were taught in gym class may not be that good for us after all

Not everyone is so thrilled about Nora Ephron's new play "Lucky Guy" about Pulitzer Prize-winner reporter and columnist Mike McAlary, namely the attorney who represented a woman McAlary falsely insinuated had made up a story about being raped in Prospect Park.

The Washington Post has a lengthy profile on Pandora Internet Radio founder Tim Westergren

"Girls" co-star Christopher Abbott, who plays Marnie's off-again/on-again boyfriend, Charlie, is leaving the show

Louis C.K. does a Q&A with the New York Times Dave Itzkoff.

Jimmy Eat World's next album will be an "adult breakup record," the band tells Rolling Stone.

Phoenix talks to Stereogum about their upcoming LP "Bankrupt!" and the odd trajectory of their career. 

Would you be hired at Cooper, Sterling, Draper, Pryce? Apply for a job and find out.

Schools in Norway postpone school for an upcoming Justin Beiber show. No, really.

A new way to name meat aims to help cooks.

Food Republic has 25 fresh seafood recipes for Spring.

Is this the most insensitive sports sign you've ever seen?

Marshall Henderson's open letter to Ole Miss fans ... that he managed to render meaningless within minutes of writing it.

Ryan Lochte continues to make himself look like the dumbest person alive.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer to cut home deliver to 3 days a week, continue to publish in print 7 days a week. 

Lifehacker has a list of the cooking mistakes we all make and how to fix them.

Strawberries, purple cabbage and mushrooms could help you fight disease.

What's the dirtiest thing at your dentist's office? The answer might surprise you.

A new Great Gatsby trailer.

The April Fool's Prank that Isn't: Bubba Watson's hovercraft golf cart is amazing. Truly.

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