Sanford's statement on his victory in GOP runoff for 1st Congressional District

info@islandpacket.comApril 3, 2013 


In this file photo, Mark Sanford speaks to supporters and members of the media at Bluffton BBQ in Bluffton.


Former Gov. Mark Sanford Tuesday issued the following statement on his victory in the runoff for the Republican nomination for the 1st Congressional District:

"First and foremost, I'm humbled and overwhelmed by the support we've received across the district, and more than anything, I'd like to thank the people of the 1st District for choosing me from a great field of Republican candidates. As well, I'd give real credit to my runoff opponent, Curtis Bostic, for the campaign he's run.

"I've always said that this race is not about people, it's about ideas -- but the ideas being advanced by myself and my opponent in this general election that starts right now couldn't be more at odds with one another. My record is one of cutting debt, eliminating deficits, reducing taxes, and working to make sure businesses are more competitive. On the other side, we have more of the same of what has gotten our country into the mess that it's in -- a belief in government and government spending on things like the stimulus are a cure to all ills, an alliance with unions that should be truly disconcerting to places like Boeing and a whole lot of other businesses out there, and a belief that the government approach to healthcare represented by things like Obamacare is the right direction for our nation.

"The bottom line is that there will be a very clear contrast between the ideas we're putting forward and those of my opponent, and I look forward to that contest of ideas on the campaign trail in the coming few weeks."

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