Plantation board should give full accounting

info@islandpacket.comApril 2, 2013 

I agree with Sunday's letter "Town made right call in buying golf property" and am thankful that Hilton Head Island's Town Council had the fortitude and vision to purchase the 102 acres of the Planters Row golf course in Port Royal Plantation.

Let's face it, do we really need another strip mall with so many open storefronts on Hilton Head?

I am disturbed and appalled by the Port Royal Landowners Association's lack of transparency with the residents of Port Royal Plantation, who happen to have a great stake in this particular land acquisition when it comes to personal land valuation. In a March 9 story, the Packet reported that the association had approved a deal with a private investor who wanted to develop the land. Now this stinks to high heaven.

Sunday's letter mentioned secret discussions with the developer. If so, the Landowners Association board should resign with shame for not keeping all Port Royal landowners abreast of the dealings. They need to give us a detailed presentation on what transpired, as the letter writer suggests. It is the only right thing to do to have full transparency and confidence from this day forward.

Don Strauss

Hilton Head Island

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