Recreation Results, March 31

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Bear Creek

Results of 9-hole Ladies tournament held March 28; Format: Better Ball of Partners; 1. Terry Hicks, Marge Fisher; 2. Judy Peters, Alice Brockmann; 3. Geri Allison, Judy Matchett.

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament held March 28; Format: Two Man-No Scotch; 1. Judy McLaughlin, Pam Ogilvy; 2. C. Gorski-Popiel, Marion Foster.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held March 28; Format: Shamble - 1 better ball of 3; 1. Chris Kolhepp, Mary Georgopulous, Carol Ells; Closest to the Pin -- Mary Shanahan.

Results of MGA tournament held March 28; Format: The Waltz; 1. Dave Palmetier, Barry Dickson, Tom Hough, Bob Clemens; 2. Ed Sessler, Keith Rapp, Harry Peterson, Steve Horvat; Closest to the Pin -- Chris Bistany, John Mastrovito.

Dolphin Head

Results of Ladies tournament held March 27; Format: Individual Stableford; 1. Judy Walsh; 2. (tie) Rita Meuderscheid, Sharon Timmerman; 4. Cis Muehlberger.

The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of Men's day tournament held Mach 27; Format: 2 Best Ball of 4/Nassau; Front 9 -- 1. Wayne Saunders, Tom Kinder, Tom Fitzgerald, Stan Jewell; Back 9 -- 1. Mike Flint, Ron Raih, Keith Sale, Tom Fitzgerald; Overall -- 1. Mike Flint, Ron Raih, Keith Sale, Tom Fitzgerald; Closest to the Pin -- Greg Gillen, Tom Young, Gerry Beauclair.

Hidden Cypress

Results of Sun City 9 Hole Women's Association tournament held March 25; Flight 1 -- 1. Snooks Brock, 2. Joyce Sargent, 3. Diane Foster, 4. Etta Longueville; Flight 2 -- 1. (tie) Leila Colligan, Jolene Rigby; 3. (tie) Rachel Hutchinson, Sally Serrago, June Kramarczyk.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association tournament held March 28; Format: Red, White and Gold; 1. Larry Beckish, Alan Westcob, Henry Bruner, Chuck Gluck; 2. (tie) Bob Kiessling, John Dansby, Bob deGuzman, Don Rood, Frank Porter, Tom DeGray, Ross Somers, Ben Franklin; Closest to the Pin -- Henry Bruner, Bob Kiessling, Jack Shaffer, Alan Westcob.

Moss Creek

Results of Men's day held March 26; Format: 2 of 4 Stableford; Flight 1 -- 1. R. Reynolds, I. Meeker, H. Sawyer, J. Layton; Flight 2 -- 1. S. Doran, P. Resetar, R. Hudson, J. Vogel; Flight 3 -- 1. K. Siebers, M. Cromey, G. Solari, T. Forrest.

Results of Ladies day tournament held March 27; Format: 1 of 2; 1. M. Fulling, L. Anderson; 2. D. Hengemuhle, C. Beck; 3. A. Harris, J. Gibbons.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held March 28; Format: Tee to Green/Putts; 1. M. Hunter, 2. C. Karnas, 3. B. Wilson.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held March 26; Format: Best 1 of 4; 1. Mike Danyi, Jay Parks, Leland Henkin, Len Marino; 2. Jerry Wells, Ernie Hannin, Geoff Hearn, Bill Smith; Low Net -- George Edell; Closest to the Pin -- Bill Oettinger.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held March 25 at Savannah Quarters; Format: Better Ball of Partners; Flight A -- 1. Craig Onofry, Ken Buckalew; 2. Rick Thompson, Keith Brownlie; Flight B -- 1. Phil Coffey, Dick Morrow; 2. Don Schwarz, Nick Antonuccio; Flight C -- 1. Ron Welpott, Alfred Lombardi; 2. Richard Hunter, Jimmy Andersen; Flight D -- 1. Charlie Johnson, Paul Resetar; 2. Dave Lunka, Vince Albanese; Flight E -- 1. George Davagian Jr., Charlie Baltera; 2. Michael Gannon, George Solari; Flight F -- 1. F.Bradford Simpson, Chris Garmston; 2. Haroon Qazi, Merrick Hayes; Closest to the Pin -- George Davagian Jr., Paul Resetar, George Davagian Jr., Morris Atkin.


Hilton Head Heritage 5K

Saturday, at Hilton Head Island; complete results can be found at

Top runners (by overall finish)


1. Jeff Ford 18:09

2. Andy Tedesco 20:01

3. Dave Peterson 20:10

4. Robert Neal 20:22

5. Darren Gould 20:31

6. Jason Pelton 20:41

7. Paul Hagar 20:49

9. Zach Daougherty 21:29

10. Steven Wieringa 21:39


8. Megan Lordi 21:27

17. Katie Mirando 22:59

20. Kacie Klynstra 23:05

26. Megan Stefanski 23:41

30. Abby Zurawic 24:02

32. Shannon Fitzpatrick 24:27

34. Lindsay Taylor 24:39

35. Julie Yost 24:45

39. Birgitt Zirden-Heulmanns 25:08

41. Denise Lordi 25:47

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