No reason to publish ad hominem attack

info@islandpacket.comMarch 28, 2013 

I am dismayed that you would print the March 25 letter about Nancy Pelosi.

In his "critique" of Pelosi, the writer discussed nothing of any substance. He addressed no relevant political issue, cited no facts and made no coherent point. Instead, he merely spewed a hateful, venomous rant with such statements as "she's dumber than a hooting owl", "she is so artificial that the press can't even think of a rebuttal question" and "if someone tied her hands together, could she utter any sounds at all?"

A pointless diatribe such as this should have no place in a legitimate newspaper. Surely, you receive enough letters that you could choose to print one that is more suitable for an intelligent discussion of issues.

Robert Schlosser


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