Higher insurance costs likely to follow job loss

info@islandpacket.comMarch 19, 2013 

The second shoe is about to fall. The first shoe was that I lost my job as a medical transcriptionist, due to President Barack Obama's mandate that all medical records be kept electronically.

The second shoe will fall in 2014, when my wife and I will most likely lose our health insurance because of big premium increases that are sure to come because of the Affordable Care Act. So now, because of legislation that got passed only because of bribery, threats and political intimidation of people of his own party, the government will lose any taxes that I would have paid had I kept my job, plus we will probably have to go on Medicaid, a prospect I am really looking forward to.

Maybe I can get food stamps, too. I congratulate all the sheep who voted for Obama. You have really improved my family's quality of life.

Wally Slate


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