Dubious achievements get their own awards

info@islandpacket.comMarch 18, 2013 

The recent awards season prompts me to offer the first-ever "Really?" Awards:

  • The Do Nothing award goes to Congress for not approving a budget for four years and creating the current chaos.

  • The Horror Story and Ostrich: This double award goes to President Barack Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for creating the worst scenarios possible to scare people and doing no planning other than letting jailed deportees go before sequester cuts were even instituted.

  • Repeat History goes to the CIA and the State Department for the debacle in Benghazi, Libya. Anyone who has seen "Argo" has to wonder what they were thinking or not thinking.

  • The See, Hear and Do No Evil award goes to U.S. newspaper and TV reporters for failing to do the proper analysis and holding various organizations accountable. In fact, when one reporter recently criticized the president, he was quickly chastised.

  • The Over award goes to the Hilton Head Island Town Council for its back-and-forth stance on the Bluffton Parkway flyover. Well, the flyover is approved, get over it and get on with it, and make it the most beautiful flyover ever.

  • The Dippy and Pointy award is shared between the construction companies and the government organizations that approved the intersections at U.S. 278 and Simmonsville Road and at McDonald's, as well as the Bluffton Parkway intersections at Burnt Church and at Malphrus roads. Are the dips and points really needed? Instead of fixing the roads, we get two signs that say "Dip."

  • Tom Simonetti

    Hilton Head Island

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