Don't damage even more already polluted Okatie

info@islandpacket.comMarch 18, 2013 

Your editorial concerning the Okatie River was spot on.

However, buzz words bury facts. There is no "river" per se. There is an Okatie tidal inlet, which backs up at high tide and pumps the wetlands drainage creek. The creek enters the sound via the swamp that is spanned by the bridge now being widened on U.S. 278. Have a good look under the bridge at low tide and try to find a river.

With no flushing action from a real river to augment and supercharge the twice daily tidal advances and retreats, this otherwise pristine inlet becomes a honey pot for all sorts of pollution residues, which induce propagation of all sorts of bacterial nasties.

Whatever has to be done should be done to clean up the already polluted Okatie inlet.

A building prohibition for posterity should apply to all remaining virgin or reverted frontage with hinterland draining on all such inlets and creeks.

This is a big country and we have plenty of space where developers can play their part and prosper in a responsible manner.

Peter S. Bromiley


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