Recreation Results and Tee Times, March 17

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Shamrock Run 5K

Saturday, at Hilton Head Island

(Complete results can be found at

Top 20 finishers


1. Eladio Wilkinson, Hilton Head, 17:11

2. Douglas Turnbull, Ithaca NY, 17:27

3. Jon Comeau, Winchester MA, 17:30

5. Nahuel Coronel, Bluffton, 17:37

6. Joey Pinto, Jacksonville FL, 17:47

8. Patrick Price, Nashville TN, 18:07

9. Mark White, Hilton Head, 18:13

10. Chris Gruwell, Jacksonville FL, 18:24

11. Kristopher Geiger, Hilton Head, 18:33

12. Doug Roth, Hilton Head, 18:52

13. Darren Hulst, Renton WA, 19:07

14. Ryan Livingston, Bluffton, 19:15

15. Chase Sanders, Hilton Head, 19:20

17. Jason Strickland, Hilton Head, 19:35

20. Ken Clyburn, Beaufort, 20:04

21. CJ Steedley, Bluffton, 20:27

22. Jackson Henz, Hilton Head, 20:37

23. Brian Hayes, Bluffton, 20:42

24. Weston Chase, Hilton Head, 20:58

25. Andy Kennedy, Hilton Head, 21:05


4. Michelle Lafleur, Savannah, 17:35

16. Jennifer Pinto, Jacksonville FL, 19:27

18. Joni Gruwell, Jacksonville FL, 19:41

19. Suzy Macero, Wakefield MA, 19:59

30. Sarah Cooke, Hilton Head, 21:35

32. Julianne Murphy, Beaufort, 21:53

33. Megan Turnbull, Ithaca NY, 21:58

36. Melanie William, Bluffton, 22:13

40. Cassie Marshall, Bluffton, 22:32

41. Delaynie Grove, Vincennes IN, 22:48

43. Kelly McClure, Hilton Head, 23:06

44. Faith Seiders, Hilton Head, 23:12

46. Valori Schubiger, Cayce, 23:29

47. Laura Lacey, Chapel Hill NC, 23:40

49. Marnie Carter, Waxhaw NC, 23:47

51. Stephanie Sullivan, Hilton Head, 23:52

56. Angie Loyst, Inverary ONT, 24:08

61. Melissa Katon, Hilton Head, 25:00

63. Mimi Pearson, Hilton Head, 25:08

64. Renee Clark, Hagerstown MD, 25:09


Bear Creek

Results of Men's day tournament held March 13; Format: Two on the 3's; 1. Charlie Sanders, Tom Nordstrom, John Holihan, Bob Horstmyer; 2. Dan Putbrese, Richard Carlton, Tom Tomfohrde, Dave McCandless.

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament held March 14; Format: Fewest Putts; Flight A - 1. Diane Myers, 2. Elaine Horstmyer; Flight B -- 1. Alice Brockmann, 2. Nancy Lachapelle.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held March 13; Format: Convert to Par; Flight 1 - 1. Suellen Parsio, 2. Janet White, 3. Becky Rychak; Flight 2 -- 1. Beth Taylor, 2. Mary Georgopulos, 3. Barsh Mather; Flight 3 - 1. Judie Butchko, 2. Ruth Schroeder, 3. Kitty Ferrari; Closest to the Pin -- Sue Parsio, Joyce Dalton.

Results of MGA tournament held March 14; Format: Member-Guest-Member/Member; Member Guest: 1. Don Bainbridge, Terry McDougal; Member/Member: 1. Bill McCourt, John Mastrovito; 2. Bill Mackey, Frank Brill; 3. Dave Ralff, Bill Hoff; 4. Tony Andreano, Ben Lamontagne; Closest to the Pin -- Bill Hoff, Barry Weidner.

Dolphin Head

Results of Ladies 4 Team Member tournament held March 13-14; Format: 2 better balls of 4. 1. Chris Flanagan, Lynn Lenning, Gini Baier, Mary Thomas; 2. Roz Von Der Linden, Diane Lukas, Sharon Timmerman, Sheila Sylvester.

Results of Nifty Niners tournament held March 16; Format: 2 Person Scramble; 1. Debbie Pekins, Sue Aymond; 2. Marian Fister, Suzanne Sharon.

Hidden Cypress

Results of tournament held March 13; Flight 1 - 1. Lee Bowen, Timothy Campbell, Eric Brownell, Bruce Smith; 2. Victor Berry, Ron Pollard, Andy Corcoran, Mike Rosato; 3. Bob Donaldson, Scott Elmore, John Kucher; 4. Pete Deverall, Bob Hooper, John Genna, Dan Resetaritis.

Island West

Results of Men's day held March 14; Format: One Best Ball Par 4's and 5's Three Best Balls Par 3's; 1. Bill Scaplehorn, Rick Shrider, Jonathan Sherwood, Daniel Glass, Rick Bohach, Eddie Iannacone, Daniel Glass, Earle Lockhart, Dave Zander, Phil Dembowski, John Putnam, Steve Grimaldi; 2. David Glover, Don Biersack, Fred Palcho, Robert Heck, Steven Petro, Mike Rotelle, Michael Hughes, Dave Zander; Closest to the Pin -- Bob Heck, Phil Dembowski, Fred Palcho, Rick Shrider.

Lady's Island

Results of tournament held Marrch 14; Format: Bear Creek; 1. Dick Hobbs, George McMurtry, Jack Shaffer; 2. Bob Kiessling, Larry Beckish, John Dansby, Bob deGuzman; Closest to the Pin -- George McMurtry, Powell Christian, Frank Porter, Alan Westcob.

The Legends at Parris Island

Results of 2013 Osprey's Pro/Am tournament held March 4; Flight 1 -- 1. Ben Gecy, Matt O'Quinn, M. Carrey, Brent Cooper; Flight 2 -- 1. Jack Blyzes, Mike Tracy, Dave Tracy, Benny Bessinger; Longest Drive Men -- Duane Anderson; Longest Drive Women -- Susan Blackburn; Closest to the Pin -- Ryan Hill, Glen Miller, George Smith, Benji Gecy.

Moss Creek

Results of Men's day held March 12; Format: 2 Man Chapman; 1. G. Jones, P. Schulz; 2. R. Obrig, C. Beltman; 3. (tie) R. Reynolds, P. Kruzelock, R. Bates, R. Piccioni, T. Andreas, G. Grindrod.

Results of Ladies day tournament held March 13; Format: Shambles; Flight 1 -- 1. J. Alpert, K. Layton; 2. A. Burke, J. Sawyer; 3. J. McGavisk, J. Reynolds; Flight 2 -- 1. N. Everett, M. Fulling; 2. D. Nontelle, J. Gibbons.


Hilton Head Island Junior Golf Association

Today, at Moss Creek Club

12:30 p.m. -- J. Fickes; E. Reier; B Moody; C. McKinley; 12:40 p.m. -- E. Johnson; W. Long; B. Fick; 12:50 p.m. -- Z. Ruhlin; T. Earl; G. Lindstrom; 1 p.m. -- C. Mancill; T. Hoisington; C. O'Donnell; 1:10 p.m. -- D. Azallion; C. Farrell; P. Hall; 1:20 p.m. -- T. Mancill; D. Hall; M. Langs; 1:30 p.m. -- K. Thorne; J. Hubbard; M. Minasi

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