Town should do better by Hilton Head library

info@islandpacket.comMarch 17, 2013 

Hilton Head Island residents and officials like to consider this an upscale tourist area. I see many multimillion-dollar mansions and new luxury cars all over the island. I see parking lots paved with beautiful expensive bricks, as macadam is not good enough. In addition, I and other non-resident property owners get taxed unmercifully. But even with all that, when we want to make use of our beautiful library, we must first check to see whether it is a day that it will be open before 1 p.m. And heaven forbid that it be open anytime on Sunday. Shame on the politicians who have decided the library is less important than parking lot paving material. Hilton Head cannot be considered an upscale resort if it is too poor to provide funds for its library to be open sufficient hours to satisfy the demands of the public. Blaming Beaufort County, the library's owner, is a poor excuse. Town politicians need to do what is necessary to see that our library has appropriate funding. Dan Landis Hilton Head Island

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