Republican again ignores pesky facts about party

info@islandpacket.comMarch 17, 2013 

A recent letter writer sought to assure us that the Republican Party has always been reigning champion of civil rights in this country.

The fact that the social platforms of today's two parties are reversed from what they were 40 years ago is completely ignored. Abraham Lincoln would not be a member of the current Republican Party. Ross Barnett, Strom Thurmond, George Wallace and Nathan Bedford Forrest would not belong to today's Democrats.

There seems to be a commonality in today's Republican message. Gather some facts, leave out any inconvenient parts that don't suit the message and shout what's left often and at maximum volume.

If these altered facts don't work, make up new, logic-defying stuff: raped women don't usually get pregnant; voter fraud requires limits on voting access; the rich shouldn't be taxed because they're ... special; everybody, regardless of mental-sociopathic stability should be allowed to own the largest capacity and caliber weapon they can obtain because they are going to have to fight the ... fill in the blank.

The writer wants to be told who the real party of civil rights has been for the past 150 years. OK. It has been the party that has had the moral and ethical fortitude to stand up for human decency. It has been the Republican Party at times, but not now. It wasn't the Democratic Party at times, but it is now. And as for the people who demonstrate the desire for social equality and economic justice in the nation today, Republicans they are not.

Bernie Ragsdale

Lady's Island

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