Only party members should pick nominees

info@islandpacket.comMarch 17, 2013 

The state of South Carolina has nine political parties qualified to enter candidates for primary and general elections.

The parties are: Democratic, Independence, United Citizens, Republican, Constitutional, Green, Libreratarian, Workers Family and Labor.

Each of these parties should have the right to select their nominee in a primary election open only to South Carolinians registered in that party. Primaries should not be decided by just any person registered to vote in South Carolina. That is decided in a general election, where all voters are eligible to vote for a candidate no matter the voter's party affiliation.

The members in each party should have the right to choose their nominee in a party primary without other party and independent voters interfering in the vote.

The South Carolina legislature should move to correct this unfair situation. Contact your representative and senator and urge them to move the pending voter registration bill.

Paul Eitel

Hilton Head Island

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