Second term begins; leadership still missing

info@islandpacket.comMarch 15, 2013 

On a recent flight in coach, I thought about what it must be like to fly on Air Force One. It leaves when you say so, airports give you priority takeoff and landing, you tell them what you want to eat and drink, and you have leg room and no security lines. No cell phone for us; the president can call anybody. Every president deserves special perks. Nobody would want our president stuck in coach waiting for his small bag of peanuts. But it costs $180,000 for every hour his plane flies, not including all the cost related to repositioning his limousine and staff. If it is used for a private purpose (such as a golf match with Tiger Woods) he has to pay an amount equal to one first-class ticket. We know that costs much less. For weeks we have been told about the cutbacks because of the sequester, including those to the military. Does that include the Air Force One crew? During these times of austerity, this president chooses to fly around the country saying the sky is falling in an extended campaign. Shouldn't our leader be setting an example for us by reducing his use of Air Force One by announcing he will cut his trips requiring air travel until he and the Senate finally have a budget in place? Even Jimmy Carter wore a sweater and turned the White House porch light off to save some money. The second term has begun. When does leadership begin? Richard Geraghty Hilton Head Island

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