Pope cookies, How to cook snake and can green beer be good beer?

Posted by Patrick Donohue on March 15, 2013 

I write today about my many problems with Bravo's L.A. Shrinks.


The USDA maps out where fresh food is and isn't available. 

Is Disney World about to become a foodie's paradise? Rumored to be getting food trucks and Shake Shack.

McSweeney's has a list of famous works of literature reimagined to reflect America's obesity crisis. For example, "The Sound and The McFlurry"

Lifehacker has a list of the nine best ways to boost creative thinking.

The Smithsonian's Food & Think blog asks: Is corned beef really Irish?

Dave Grohl's kind of inspirational speech from SXSW. 

Researchers: A daily habit of green tea or coffee can reduce the risk of stroke.

Bon Appetit on how to cook snakes.

Um, we are officially living in the future.

The composer of Django Unchained takes aim at Tarantino.

Beastie Boy Mike D, Top Chef's Sam Talbot and others are still serving food to Sandy victims from a food truck.

ESPN suspends Bill Simmons from Twitter for making sense.

Elisabeth Moss talks to the New York Times about the upcoming season of Mad Men.

A dozen good uses for cabbage, none of which involve slaw. 

Preparations for the Olympics in Rio is going less than great. Especially if you're a fish. 

Popped collars are back, or so says The Wall Street Journal. 

Esquire asks: Can green beer be good beer?

Whoever is coming up with the ads for Dick's Sporting Good deserves a raise. The latest is particularly awesome.

Pete Rose and his fiancee are perfectly awful in this commercial for an Ohio furniture store.

AdWeek's AdFreak blog praises this Tide ad for treating dads with some dignity.


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