The new Pope's diet, Goodbye Google Reader and a Doughnut scam in Utah goes terribly wrong

Posted by Patrick Donohue on March 14, 2013 

Guinness not your thing? Serious Eats has three Irish red ales to try this St. Patrick's Day.

Or Food Republic has a list of five American-made craft stouts.

The latest food craze in Tokyo? Sloppy, American-style burgers.

The frugal dining habits of the new Pope.

A Utah couple's dougnut scam goes terribly wrong -- like intentionally eating shards of razor blades wrong.

Saveur has a list of the five best oils for frying. 

Eater Charleston has a list of the Holy City's hottest cocktails.

Time's Martha White has a piece pondering why as many as 30 percent of Americans are spending billions on gluten-free food

Top Chef and Music to Your Mouth alum Kevin Gillespie talks seasonality and modern Southern.

An awesome infographic on which is the best seat at just about any dinner table.

Is Atlanta's Richard Blais bound for California?

If you're going to crab houses in Maryland, don't expect ... well, crabs.

USA Today's Whitney Matheson has compiled a list of 10 cool (and affordable) Kickstarter projects.

Is Dave Chappelle back?

RIP Google Reader.

Apparently, A LOT of people want to see a Veronica Mars movie.

Milwaukee's Larry Sanders' responds to ejection with a thumbs up. Awesome. 

The Syracuse Crush, a minor league hockey team and the AHL affiliate of the Tampa Bay Lightning, with a genius -- and seductive -- marketing campaign.

Esquire's Eat Like a Man blog has an awesome infographic about what it costs to eat an ice cream cone in various locales around the world. Highest was Dubai at $6.81 per cone.


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