State desperately needs 'Obamacare'

info@islandpacket.comMarch 14, 2013 

It is difficult to understand state legislators who move to "nullify" the Affordable Care Act in light of the dismal standing of our state in national outcomes: 46th in overall health, 42nd in life expectancy, 49th in diabetes, 42nd in obesity, 41st in infant mortality, and 45th in residents without health insurance.

With these statistics, if South Carolina were a nation, we might be considered an "undeveloped nation." If ever a state needed "Obamacare," it is our state.

The act will enable everyone to have access to health care through private insurance and the expansion of Medicaid. Study after study has shown that people with health insurance are more likely to visit doctors and seek care in a timely fashion, negating the costly emergency room care for illnesses that could be controlled with regular visits to a doctor.

What self-respecting state would deny this to its residents?

Responsible legislators respond to the needs of state residents, not the ill-advised and poorly informed desires of a few. In a rush to placate the lowest common denominator of voters, our state is ignoring the multiple benefits of the Affordable Care Act that could help our state move to the forefront of national standings and not languish in the lowest percentile at the bottom of the lists.

And one last shameful statistic: 48th in children living in poverty. Why? We have a beautiful state. We have caring people. We can do better. Obamacare is a start.

Barbara Temple


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