Town getting in way of for-profit ventures

info@islandpacket.comMarch 14, 2013 

So let me understand this correctly. We had folks running a for-profit farmers market, and the Town of Hilton Head Island wouldn't allow the signage it needed or help support it in any way -- not even a "hey, this is a good thing" comment.

The market paid to use the Honey Horn venue. The vendors pay taxes and a business license fee to the town to participate in the market. Then along comes a nonprofit entity that gets 36 percent of its income from the town. Not only does it get signage, it also gets free use of a prime spot at Shelter Cove. This is our Town Council at work.

Where is the outrage that our town would put a for-profit company out of business? Then again, I forgot that the town picks our trash hauler because it knows best, and now it's buying golf course property. Really?

So the next time someone says the town is having a hard time meeting expenses, just ask how much property the town owns that was once income-producing property but is no longer.

Lisa Kroening

Hilton Head Island

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