Recreation Results and Standings, March 13

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Dolphin Head

Results of Men's tournament held March 8; Format: 1 better ball of 2; 1. Lamar Finch, Bruce Timmerman; 2. Gene Passmore, Joe Mallee; 3. Tom Miller, Kirk Eaton.

Moss Creek

Results of tournament held March 9 and 10; Format: Individual Match Around; Overall Champion: Billy Apicelli; Flight 1 -- Dick Obrig; Flight 2 -- Billy Apicelli; Flight 3 -- Ron Welpott; Flight 4 -- Jack Layton; Flight 5 -- Fred Lombardi; Flight 6 -- Tony Karnas; Flight 7 -- Don Mikkelson; Flight 8 -- Art Dunlap; Flight Runner-Ups: Flight 1 - Rick Bates; Flight 2 -- Jerry McGuinn; Flight 3 -- Bill Cawthon; Flight 4 -- Paul Schulz; Flight 5 -- Paul Resetar; Flight 6 - Bill Cummins; Flight 7 -- Bill Mott; Flight 8 -- George Solari.

Results of Men's white tee tournament held March 11; Format: 4 Man Scramble; 1. D. Kouns, R. Siemms, A. Varian, W. Richman.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Men's tournament held March 6; Format: Best 1/2/3 (Seq) Net Format; 1. Steve Fobes, Rainer Kuenkel, George Salemi, Don Tuckey; 2. Dan Osbeck, Gus Christ, John Usselman, Fred McNamee; 3. Steve Laxdal, Ray McElhaney, Tom Morgan, Bob Holben; 4. Rick Kasper, Joe Wieczorek, Ira Sedransk, Paul Bry; 5. Art Loeben, Tom Cumming, Richard Miller, Randall Sigmund; 6. and 7. (tie) Dick LaBonte, Pete Smith, Bobby Allen, Hans Moser, Roger Healey, Frank Sutera, Roy Haynes, George Banino; Closest to the Pin -- Bob Holben, Bobby Allen, Steve Fobes, Randall Sigmund, George Salemi.

Results of Ladies nine hole group held March 7; Format: Crier's Choice; 1. Nancy Sigmund; 2. Penny Fobes; 3. Pat Killeen.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournametn held March 11; Format: 2 man-better ball partners; 1. Jeff Stack, George White; 2. Don Nontelle, Tony Karnas; 3. A.J. Ferrari, Ken Buckalew; 4. David Watson, Steve Tibey; 5. Gary Welsh, Tom Cantwell; 6. George Jones III, Jack Layton; 7, Anthony Ventura, Robert Bosselman; 8. George Schnurr, Joseph Macchia; 9. Gordon Hassing, Joseph Ondo; 10. Don Schwarz, Pete Smith; 11. David Brignati, Michael Gannon; Closest to the Pin -- Bob Pentico, Pete Shaw, Tom Ryan, Clyde Powers.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day tournament held March 8; Format: Better Ball of Partners; 1. Bud Arnal and Bob Boldig, 2. Jim Benford and Larry Sauer; Skins -- Jim Benford, Bob Boldig, Sonny Compher, Bill O'Day.


Hilton Head Island Tennis Leagues

Adult 18s standings

2.5W -- SCYC Kiss My Hits in first at 4-1

3.0M -- Chaplin only team

3.0W -- Spanish Wells in first at 3-1

3.5M -- Beaufort First Strike in first at 4-0

3.5W -- Spring Lake String Courtets in first at 3-1

4.0M -- Wexford Warriors in first at 6-1

4.0W -- PDTC We'll Have Another, Long Cove Young and the Rest-of-Us tied in first at 5-2

4.5M -- PRRC BT Express in first at 2-0

4.5W -- Sea Pines CC only team

Adult 40 standings

3.0M -- Palmetto Bluff Serve Aces in first at 4-1

3.0W -- SCYC No Faults, Spanish Wells Volleymakers tied in first at 5-1

3.5M -- PD Zugwrach in first at 5-0

3.5W -- Wexford Mermaids in first at 4-1

4.0M -- Indigo Run Rum Runners in first at 4-2

4.0W -- Long Cove Kick Aces in first at 7-0

4.5W+ -- South Beach Aces in first at 4-1

Adult 55 standings

M3.0 -- CCHH Take Two in first at 4-0

W3.0 -- SCYC Double Trouble, South Beach Racqueteers, IR Ladies of the Net tied in first at 4-1

M3.5 -- Flight 1: SPCC Land Lubbers, SL Remnants in first at 3-1; Flight 2: PD Cool Guys, SL Mis-Hits tied in first at 4-0

W3.5 -- Flight 1: SPCC Racquets in first at 4-0; Flight 2: PDTC Belles of the Ball in first at 4-0

M4.0 -- PD No Names, PR Seniors 55 tied in first at 4-1

W4.0 -- SYRC Har-Tru Believer's in first at 4-0

70s Men's 3.5/4.0 Spring Interclub League

3.5/4.0M -- Indigo Run in first at 4-0

Coastal Carolina Tennis

Adult 18s standings

2.5W -- Rose Hill 2.5, Hampton Hall Volley Girls tied in first at 1-1

3.0W -- Rose Hill 3.0, Beaufort Pirates tied in first at 1-1

3.5M -- Beaufort Bangers only team

3.5W -- Hampton Hall Happy Hour, Beaufort Net Assets tied in first at 3-1

Adult 40 standings

3.0M -- TLC only team

3.5M -- TLC Bobcats, Palmetto Bluff Islanders tied in first at 1-1

3.5W -- TLC Lionesses in first at 4-1

4.0W -- Belfair Bombshells in first

4.5M+ -- TLC 40s in first at 4-0

Adult 55 standings

M3.0 -- Dataw Delinquents in first at 5-0

W3.0 -- Sun City SunUps, Sun City Sets in the City tied in first at 4-0

M3.5 -- Sun City Second Serves in first at 4-0

W3.5 -- Dataw Islanders, Hampton Hallstars tied in first at 6-0

M4.0 -- Hampton Lakers in first at 7-1

W4.0 -- Palmetto Bluff, Sun City Smash Gals tied in first at 3-1

M9.0Combo -- Rose Hill Players only team

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