Criticism of Sanford has a hollow ring to it

info@islandpacket.comMarch 13, 2013 

A 1st Congressional District candidate calls rival Mark Sanford hypocritical for claiming his tax-saving record. This challenge can only come from ignorance.

Sanford's fine record on taxes arouses envy; he even slept in his Congressional office and as governor risked ridicule for taking piglets into the Statehouse to challenge the state legislature's tax spending.

The candidate calls Sanford's record on taxes hypocritical because the Sanford family got $2.5 million of taxpayer money in a land deal. The candidate displays amazing ignorance for a rich man's son.

The Beaufort County Open Land Trust brokered the Sanford family's Coosaw Plantation deal. It enables the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort to avoid potential litigation for failure to prevent encroachment that conflicts with flights. It favors base retention.

Placing the Sanford family land in a permanent conservation easement is a win for all. The development rights were sold at about half the land's fair market value.

As a retired naval medical officer in the Korean War and as a CEO, I know integrity. That is why I admire Sandford's integrity.

Sandford's silence about his family is laudable. I admire his sons' look of loving respect for him when they're together. They attend our church.

Robert Newton


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