Aid to Syrian rebels, Egypt raises questions

info@islandpacket.comMarch 12, 2013 

Well, what do you know, the idiots in Congress are still at it. Not only have they just allocated $190 million to a group of radical Islamists, known in Egypt as the Muslim Brotherhood, but they also have pledged $385 million in humanitarian aid and another $60 million in direct aid to the Syrian rebels. I wonder whether the geniuses in Congress realize that al-Qaida is the most aggressive and successful arm of the rebel force in Syria?

Let us look at our own situation. Here it is more than four months since Superstorm Sandy hit the mid-Atlantic states and still 3,500 families in New York and New Jersey are without electricity, heat or homes. Two questions remain: Why did Congress wait more than two months before it approved financial aid to these unfortunate American citizens? Second, will the United States become a nation known for letting its own people suffer while we fill the coffers of our enemies?

Steve Cole


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