Conservatives should cooperate, coordinate

info@islandpacket.comMarch 11, 2013 

Much has been said recently about Republicans spending most of their time and energy arguing with each other.

Perhaps all thinking, conservative-minded people would do well to take a lesson from the environmental movement, or the greens as they are sometimes called. This group, made up of people with many diverse opinions and agendas, has found power in cooperating. They have agendas all the way from hugging redwoods and fighting fracking, to opposing drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ostensibly to avoid spoiling a pristine environment), while papering the Southwest with acres of solar panels and windmills. They would shut down the coal industry, while blocking an important pipeline from Canada, and of course, nuclear power is out of the question. Indisputably, they make a very powerful and effective coalition.

Taking a lesson from the greens, conservatives from the middle, the hard right, the tea party, as well as Libertarians, could accomplish much more by learning to work together and keeping their eye on the main objective. While each has its own agenda, the important one -- winning elections -- often gets lost in the battle. Ensuring that we are governed by responsible leadership in the White House and the Congress is paramount. Fighting for individual principles can be important, but look at where it has gotten us today.

Don E. Kennedy

Hilton Head Island

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