Town wrong to push market out of business

info@islandpacket.comMarch 8, 2013 

I don't really understand the Town of Hilton Head Island. How in the world could they let a local business go out of business because they refuse to make some concessions?

Shame on the people who cannot find a way to support the Farmers Market at Honey Horn. That market supports our community. I can't count how many times I have gone there on a Friday and watched eager young children learning about vegetable and fruits while on school field trips. Where else can we find produce grown here at home instead of full of chemicals because it was grown in Florida or California?

The town can allow the temporary Christmas tree and pumpkin seller to set up his eyesore trailer every year, but they can't let the market put out off-premises signs. What a shame.

Now we are supposed to go the a new market at the site of the Shelter Cove Mall, which by funny coincidence is supported by -- who else -- the town. Where on earth is it going to be with all the construction? What a travesty.

The story said that surveys went to residents. Who? None of my neighbors was asked. This is not the first time our town has refused to support already-established local businesses. Makes you wonder who will be next.

Jan Martin

Hilton Head Island

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