Changes to Facebook, Michael Phelps melts down at St. Andrews and dinner at The Haunted Mansion

Posted by Patrick Donohue on March 8, 2013 

Changes are coming to your Facebook. Try to stay calm. 

A Disney food blogger got to attend a dinner inside The Haunted Mansion. Doing my best to keep my jealousy at healthy levels.

Doritos builds an amazing stage for SXSW that is more awesome than Doritos themselves or any band that will be playing on said stage.

Famed food critic Ruth Reichl predicts fine dining will make a comeback.

Esquire's Tom Junod asks the question everyone wants to know when cooking: Is this done?

Alice Water's iconic California restaurant Chez Panisse, thought to be the birthplace of the locavore movement, caught fire last night and local TV outlets are reporting that the eatery will be closed "for some time."

Why your Heineken looks different.

The Atlantic has photos of musicians from Hendrix to Tom Waits to Dr. Dre working inside the famed Electric Ladyland Studios.

If caffeine can help boost memory in bees, can it help us too?

Food Republic has more than 30 ways to use canned tomatoes tonight.

Top Chef's Paul Qui talks to Food & Wine Magazine about how to successfully operate a food truck.

Beverly Kim is claiming appearing on Top Chef Texas gave her PTSD.

Flavorwire has a list of the contenders for "The Great American Novel" from the best decade. 

RIP Stompin' Tom Connors, a Canadian singer/songwriter best known, by me, for "The Hockey Song."

Paste is bringing some serious heat with this AWESOME graphic about the 2013's emerging bands.

Michael Phelps has a meltdown at St. Andrews and it's hilarious.


TSA OKs hockey and lacrosse sticks, ski poles as carry-ons. Baseball bats? Still a no-no.

A pleasant commute may be the key to a happier life, a new study finds.



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