Eating eyeballs, Chipotle's app update and more debate over taking pictures of your food

Patrick DonohueMarch 7, 2013 

Bon Appetit has a list of the eight best Pinterest accounts for food lovers.

Is it OK to take pictures of your food? Bon Appetit asks this much-asked question while dining at Husk in Charleston.

Cool Material has a list of 10 apps you should know now.

Gizmodo calls the Chipotle app update "the most important app update."

Eating eyeballs: Tasty or taboo?

Food Republic has five cool deconstructed dinner ideas.

A video for Phoenix's new single, "Entertainment."

Drake has a new song out, "5 AM in Toronto." Not really NSFW so click on through.

RIP "What Not to Wear"

Gail Simmons (sort of) defends the Top Chef finale.

The 10 best pranks in the history of college sports.

Fish tweezers and other weird stuff on Jay Cutler's wedding registry.

The Baltimore Sun has a great story on how restaurants take to Twitter during inclement weather to advertise special or tell customers whether they're even open.

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