Taking case to people right for president to do

info@islandpacket.comMarch 7, 2013 

In a March 1 letter, the writer states he is "sick and tired" of President Barack Obama's taking his case to the American people.

He and Republican legislators complain that the president is not "leading." Of course, in their eyes, the president is not leading because he is not saying what they want to hear. But he will never say what they want to hear because what they want to hear on every major issue is stupid.

The vast majority of Americans are center of the road. The Republican Party's right-wing radical element is in the right-hand gutter of the road on all major issues facing this country. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has chosen to pander to its right-wing radical faction. Pandering to the extent that it has maliciously chosen to stop all legislation and therefore stop this country from moving forward.

But in the last election, the president took his policies to the American people, and the voters gave the Republican Party a butt-kicking. They got it because the president showed just how stupid Republicans' positions are on major issues. Another will be coming for them in 2014 and 2016 if they fail to move to the center on major issues.

So for each and every day of the next four years, I hope the writer continues to be "sick and tired" of hearing the president state his case to the American people because that will be in the best interests of this country.

Tony Amadeo


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