Sanford's new comeback chock full of old ideas

info@islandpacket.comMarch 3, 2013 

Former Gov. Mark Sanford has certainly been getting more than his share of publicity lately, but a Feb. 24 Reuters story was the best I have read and caused me to spill my coffee from laughing so hard.

Sanford describes his years in isolation "down on the farm" in ridiculous new age rhetoric. His "inner journey" has led to him to become a Buddhist Christian, whatever in the world that is. He explains: Buddhist because it focuses on the moment; Christian because of grace, forgiveness and new beginnings. Well, I'm all for grace, forgiveness and living in the moment, but I have a different understanding of what that means.

As the Dalai Lhama says, Buddhism is about compassion for all living beings, and new beginnings need new ideas, even in the Christian world. But this "resurrection" is just a recycled agenda couched in nonsense. It's about power, prestige and fighting the same fight Republicans have been fighting for years. Does it help women, children, people living in poverty? No. So much for the Buddhist aspect.

Does it use grace to learn to help the people of this district? Not in my opinion.

I hope voters can see through this hypocrisy and give us a chance for better representation in Washington. Then Sanford and his "soulmate" can hike the trail back to the farm and read some Thoreau.

Barbara Kelly


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