Don't repeat history on reducing military

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 28, 2013 

Regarding the recent editorial cartoons about the federal government's sequester plan, it looks like President Barack Obama took a page from President Harry Truman's book on how to reduce the size of the U.S. military.

By June 1950, Truman and his secretary of defense, Louis A. Johnson, had reduced the number of military personnel at the end of World War II, taking it from about 15 million to between 575,000 and 600,000. They also reduced funding for all branches of the military.

But the start of the Korean War on June 25, and the success of North Korean troops caused Truman to finally raise the military back up to 1 million members.

The joke around Washington was: "Truman wants to reduce the military to around 600,000. If he waits long enough, the North Korean army will do it for him."

China, Russia and Middle East terrorists could decide to combine forces to attack America. Because Obama is saving money by reducing America's armed forces to 600,000 and reducing military spending to use these savings to promote his pie-in-the-sky programs, he must think these 600,000 military personnel will have no trouble holding back this combined military onslaught.

What is it about Democratic presidents who seem to have a death wish for the United States.

Truman sacked Johnson on Sept. 19, 1950.

George Breslaw

Hilton Head Island

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