Many good reasons to oppose flyovers

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 28, 2013 

In response to Wednesday's editorial about the flyovers, I find it particularly galling that we are being chided for not paying attention and being informed.

I read the Packet thoroughly every day and had little information on this project until the full-page ad taken out by private citizens. Unfortunately, this came to light only two weeks before Beaufort County Council's vote on the construction contract, not enough time for people to become informed and opposition to the project organized.

Did the Packet ever publish artist renderings of what the flyovers would look like at the approach to Hilton Head Island? These can be found on-line and were also shown on a Savannah news station last week, but never in our local paper, to my knowledge.

Our Town Council voted 6-1 in opposition to this project. County Council voted 9-2 in favor. This is not a new dynamic. In fact, county-approved projects that island residents didn't want led to the formation of our town government in 1983.

Perhaps there are some County Council members who truly believe these flyovers are a good idea. But other reasons for building the project included money already spent on the plans, permits in hand and the threat that it would be harder in the future to secure state highway funds. The editorial states we will get used to its appearance. I have my doubts. The beautiful vistas on the approach to Hilton Head are about to be changed forever.

Judith Hillis

Hilton Head Island

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