Flyover objections misplaced, too late

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 22, 2013 

I'm perplexed about the recent opposition to the flyover for the Bluffton Parkway extension.

Didn't we, as a fully informed county population, vote for this in 2006 and pay for it over six years? Isn't the money available now? Didn't we even get some help from the federal government to pay for the work?

It's not tourist season yet, but when visitors do come in the summer and are stuck at one of those 20 traffic lights from Interstate 95 east over the 18 miles to the Karl Bowers bridge to Hilton Head Island, do you think they would appreciate one more traffic-light controlled intersection over that one hour commute on their way to paradise?

Do you really think they would disdain their destination and be discouraged from future vacations because of a flyover? Do they elect not to use the Cross Island Parkway to get to Sea Pines because they, out of principle, are chagrined by the aesthetics? Beauty and ugliness are in the eye of the beholder. Facility on a hot August afternoon in a car with screaming kids or during a hurricane evacuation is what's important.

I noticed just a small smattering of the population, perhaps not even 100 people, at the recent Hilton Head Town Council meeting, most of whom were in opposition to the flyover. I believe the other 164,000 residents of Beaufort County were heard in 2006.

Steve White

Hilton Head Island

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