1st congressional candidate Nash scores highest marks in FreedomWorks 'voter guide'

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 19, 2013 

First congressional candidate Ray Nash, the former Dorchester County sheriff, received the highest score at the FreedomWorks event held this past weekend in North Charleston.
Nash and other Republican candidates answered questions on a variety of topics including immigration reform, federal healthcare reform, term limits for members of Congress, Social Security, Medicare, and more.

Event sponsors, including local area Tea Party, the 9.12 Project Groups, SC Fair Tax, the Republican Liberty Caucus, and the Citadel Republican Society, scored candidates and created a "voter guide."

A perfect score was 5.0. Here are the scores:

  • Ray Nash 4.6
  • Mark Sanford 4.4
  • Larry Grooms 4.3
  • John Kuhn 4.3
  • Jeff King 4.1
  • Andy Patrick 4.1
  • Elizabeth Moffly 3.9
  • Teddy Turner 3.9
  • Keith Blandford 3.8
  • Chip Limehouse 3.8
  • Peter McCoy 3.8
  • Curtis Bostic 3.7
  • Jonathan Hoffman 3.7
  • Tim Larkin 3.7
  • Shawn Pinkston 3.6
  • Ric Bryant 3.4

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