What's her secret?: 'I'm a big believer in down time'

abredeson@islandpacket.comFebruary 18, 2013 

Tori Safe, and daughters Sophie, 5, left, and Mabel, 8, and Emmy the dog, are photographed at their home on Tuesday.


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Name: Tori Safe

Husband: Patrick

Town: Hilton Head Island

Children: Mabel, 8; Sophie, 5

Occupation: Part-time media specialist at St. Francis Catholic School and part-time bartender at The Inn at Harbour Town

Go-to dinner: Anything Mexican. "I always have a can of black beans in there. ... You know, fish tacos or chicken quesadillas. It's easy, and it's good. I've always got some salsa in there."

Biggest pet peeve: Shoes left on the floor

Hobbies: Reading, traveling, camping, going to the movies

Volunteer work: When she is not working, Tori can sometimes be found volunteering her time at the school.

Favorite mommy moment: "When I see that they think of others, that really makes me happy. Or sometimes they'll remember to pray for somebody that I completely forgot about. When they do those kinds of things, that helps me to realize that 'Gosh, maybe we're on the right track here.' ... Those are the moments that really make me proud of them."

Most challenging moment: Tori said just trying to balance everything is a challenge. "Trying to work enough so our needs are met but not so much that anybody suffers," she said. "Meeting your financial needs as well as your intellectual needs. And then being at school when you need to be at school -- the party or bring the juice boxes and all that."

Stress reliever: "I try to exercise," she said. "Exercise is definitely a stress reliever. Do I get to do it as much as I'd like? Not always. But I also do a Bible study on Thursday mornings. And that is really helpful as far as just unwinding and settling down and stopping for a little while. ... Those are the two things that I really try to make time for. It's always nice to get together with friends too, but for some reason that goes on the back burner."

Advice for other moms: Tori said life can get crazy at times, but if she is able to keep her priorities in order, everything works out for the best. "I'm a big believer in down time," she said. "At least a day or a half a day on the weekend, where they don't have to be anywhere or do anything. They can stay in their pajamas if they want ... play outside or run around the neighborhood. It seems to really keep everyone happier."


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St. Francis Catholic School

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